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CD Releases 2015

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November 2014

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October 2014

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September 2014

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July 2014

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June 2014

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May 2014

Josef Gabriel Rheinberger: Musica sacra. Box mit 10 CDs
Carus 83.336/00, CD, 59.90 €
With an opus of more than 200 compositions, Josef Gabriel Rheinberger made a significant contribution to church music in the second half of the 19th century. Since the beginning of the Rheinberger Complete Edition at Carus, the printed music has been ... read more

Josef Gabriel Rheinberger: Musica sacra. Box with 10 CDs

Motetten der Hiller-Sammlung
Carus 83.269/00, CD, 19.90 €
Johann Adam Hiller published six collections of four-part motets and arias between 1776 and 1791. They offer a rich selection of works mostly from the second half of the 18th century and give us an interesting insight into a new blossoming of the motet, which ... read more
Motets of the Hiller collection

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April 2014

Heinichen, Johann David: Messen
Hans-Christoph Rademann, Dresdner Kammerchor, Dresdner Barockorchester, Monika Frimmer, Christine Wolff, Patrick van Goethem, Kai Wessel, Hermann Oswald, Uwe Stickert, Egbert Junghanns, Jochen Kupfer, Andreas Scheibner
Carus 83.272/00, CD, 19.90 €
Hans-Christoph Rademann and his Dresden ensembles are particularly interested in the music of the Dresden court: In the two masses nos. 11 and 12, Johann David Heinichen fulfils Augustus the Strong’s wish to represent and depict the dignity and might of the ... read more

Heinichen, Johann David: Masses

Herzogenberg, Heinrich von: Chorwerke Vol. 1-3
Markus Utz, Ensemble cantissimo
Carus 83.024/00, 3 CDs, 29.90 €
Choral music plays an important role in the oeuvre of Heinrich von Herzogenberg (1843-1900). The choral music of this Romantic composer has, until now, not received appropriate attention from the recording industry as would be justified by its significance ... read more

Herzogenberg, Heinrich von: Chorwerke Vol. 1-3

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March 2014

Bach, Johann Sebastian: Osteroratorium BWV 249 & Himmelfahrtsoratorium BWV 11
Frieder Bernius, Kammerchor Stuttgart, Barockorchester Stuttgart, Joanne Lunn, David Allsopp, Elisabeth Jansson, Samuel Boden, Jan Kobow, Tobias Berndt, Gotthold Schwarz
Carus 83.290/00, CD, 19.90 €
Johann Sebastian Bach himself thought very highly of his Easter Oratorio BWV 249 of 1725. Even though it never attained the popularity of the Christmas Oratorio, Bach himself performed it four times during his lifetime. Some parts of the oratorio originated as ... read more

Bach, Johann Sebastian: Easter Oratorio BWV 240 & Oratorio for Ascension Day BWV 11

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February 2014

Heinrich Schütz: Matthäuspassion. Complete recording, Vol. 11
Hans-Christoph Rademann, Dresdner Kammerchor, Georg Poplutz, Felix Rumpf
Carus 83.259/00, CD, 19.90 €
Volume 11 of the celebrated complete recording of Schütz’s works presents the St. Matthew Passion, SWV 479. Schütz’s Passions according to the evangelists Matthew, Luke and John were all commissioned by the court in Dresden: they were pure a cappella settings ... read more

Heinrich Schütz: St. Matthew Passion. Complete recording, Vol. 11

Ich hebe meine Augen auf. Telemann, Heinichen & Graupner in Leipzig
Rien Voskuilen, L'arpa festante - Barockorchester München, Veronika Winter, Alex Potter, Hans Jörg Mammel, Markus Flaig
Carus 83.337/00, CD, 19.90 €
Even in the 18th century life in university towns offered many temptations, just made to distract students from their studies, though certainly music ranked among the more harmless diversions. Evidently, teems of students were drawn, particularly to sacred ... read more

Ich hebe meine Augen auf. Telemann, Heinichen & Graupner in Leipzig

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January 2015

Peter Schindler (1960*)
Peter Schindler: Zirkus Furioso. Ein spannendes Musical-Hörspiel für alle Kinder unter 100
Peter Schindler, Bigband Deutsche Oper Berlin, Rundfunk-Kinderchor Berlin
Carus 12.826/99, CD, 14.90 €
Enjoy a very special musical-audio play: Everything seems to be going wrong at "Circus Allegro". Bruno the Bear refuses to appear on stage, his assistant, Bella Stella, has disappeared, and finally, even the tiger escapes! Circus director Ricardo Grande has to ... read more

Peter Schindler: Zirkus Furioso. Ein spannendes Musical-Hörspiel für alle Kinder unter 100

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