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Poster & Postcards at Carus

The four-colour, attractively printed Carus posters and postcards present portraits and photos of composer, their autograph scores and the places where they lived and worked.

To date eight postcard series have been published, three of which are dedicated to Johann Sebastian Bach.

Postcard series 1: Johann Sebastian Bach. Portraits, biographical events
Postcard series 2: Johann Sebastian Bach. The Bach family
Postcard series 3: Johann Sebastian Bach. Bach’s notation
Postcard series 4: Classical Period: Portaits of an era and autographs
Postcard series 5: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Sacred Music

Postcard series 6: Robert Schumann – Portraits and stations of his life
Postcard series 7: Robert Schumann – Autographs and first editions
Postcard series 8: Wiegenlieder

Single postcards:
- Baroque
- Classical period
- Romanticism / 19th century
- 20th century
- Autographs in facsimile
- The historical context of Bach and Mozart

Composer portraits of Bach, Bartok, Beethoven, Brahms, Buxtehude, Davis, Haydn, Mendelssohn Bartholdy, Mozart, Orff, Reger, Reiche, Schubert, Schütz, Schumann, Silcher, Telemann, Vivaldi und Wagner

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