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XX. World Youth Day 2005, Cologne

Choirs sing at the XX. World Youth Day from the Carus-Chorbuch

"Praise the Lord, for it is good to make music unto our God, it is good to sing his praise" (Psalm 147). During the XX.Weltjugendtag (15th-21st August) young people from all around the world will be on their way, like the Three Holy Kings, to seek God made man, to worship him and sing His praises in song. With the "Chorbuch zum Kölner Weltjugendtag", published by Carus, members of the Weltjugendtag and youth choirs are invited to learn and sing songs with which to praise and worship God.

54 settings in different languages
Carus 2.110, single copy 17.20 €, more than 10 copies *9.80 €



„Missa mundi“ by Thomas Gabriel

A musical highlight of the XX. World Youth Day will be the performance of the "Missa mundi" by Thomas Gabriel, which is included in the Chorbuch. The "Missa mundi" for choir, congregation and instruments from all around the world was composed for the concluding Mass of the XX. World Youth Day with the Pope and will be performed on Sunday, 21 August on the Marienfeld.

"The idea underlying 'Missa mundi' ... is to relate each of the five liturgical elements to one of the 5 continents. The European Kyrie employs polyphonic techniques of composition (homage to Bach), the South American Gloria uses quenas, zamponas and charangos. In the Asian Credo an Indian sitar is played, drums dominate the African Sanctus and the characteristic instrument of the Australian Agnus Dei is a didgeridoo. Their common bond is the ancient 'Missa nundi,' a piece of Gregorian mass music from the first millenium. As Christianity spread all over the world, this music found its way into all regions and exerted a clear influence on the cultural development everywhere. The Mass composition reflects this phenomen and thus shows respect for the cultural diversity of the world." (from the CD booklet)

The "Missa mundi" is also available from Carus as a separate edition (vocal score) and as CD recording.

Thomas Gabriel: Missa mundi
for choir, congregation and instruments from all around the world
Carus 19.053/03, vocal score, 9.80 €
Carus 19.053/99, CD, 12.00 €

Sections of Gabriel's "Lichtmesse," composed for the Festival Pueri Cantores 2004 in Cologne, will also be performed. A separate edition of the "Lichtmesse" is in preparation.

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