Felix Petyrek: Missa phrygica

Felix Petyrek

Missa phrygica



Felix Karl August Petyrek (1892-1951) grew up in Vienna where he studied musicology with Guido Adler, piano with Emil von Sauer and composition with Franz Schreker. His "Missa phrygica", written in 1949 for four-voice a cappella choir, is being published for the first time. Petyrek, in his "Missa phrygica", uses elements of vocal polyphony from the Renaissance and the early Baroque in an updated contrapuntal garb, as is often the case for many church-related composers from the first half of the 20th century. In the Gloria, for example, as well as in the Credo, the influence of Petyrek's composition teacher, Franz Schreker, can be felt in the sweetly-iridescent splendor of the upper voices in the choir, whose moving sonority is primarily made up of chains of parallel fifths.


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