Mozart: Litaniae (Carus Classics)


The Carus Classics series features outstanding CD productions from Carus’ past library of recordings. The series has been designed exclusively by the well-known graphic artists Friedrich Forssman und Cornelia Feyll.

Mozarts Litanies and Vesper settings are works which are convincing due to the musical liberties which they display, through the joy of experimentation and through their variety of form. "… the performers’ joy of making music and the differentiated shaping by Tõnu Kaljuste shows the quality of the compositions." (Musica sacra, 2000)


Compact Disc

12,5 x 14 cm, CD, digipac
EUR9,90 / copies

Product information


3 Works Show


Tonu Kaljuste Personal details


Tallinn Chamber Orchestra Personal details
Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir Personal details

Soloist - soprano

Kaia Urb Personal details

Soloist - alto

Juta Roopalu-Malk Personal details
Ave Moor Personal details

Soloist - tenor

Tiit Kogermann Personal details
Mati Turi Personal details

Soloist - bass

Uku Joller Personal details

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