Justin Heinrich Knecht: Die Aeolsharfe (Bernius)

Justin Heinrich Knecht

Die Aeolsharfe

oder Der Triumph der Musik und Liebe. Romantische Oper in 4 Akten


To his contemporaries Justin Heinrich Knecht, today largely forgotten, was known as a music pedagogue, composer and editor. With the exception of a short, unsuccessful intermezzo at the Court of Stuttgart, he remained true his home town of Biberach. In 1807/1808, during his tenure in Stuttgart he composed the romantic opera Die Aeolsharfe oder Der Triumph der Musik und Liebe, his most extensive work. Once again it is a credit to Frieder Bernius’s reputation for rediscovering romantic masterpieces that 200 years after its composition he has presented a concertante performance of this work and snatched it from an undeserved oblivion. In his score Knecht masterfully displays the various formal possibilities of opera, ranging from the simple aria to a nonet and two extended finales. Moreover, he astounds even the expert with unusual orchestral colors, for example when he attempts to imitate the sound of the aeolian harp with the instruments. Mozart’s influence, primarily from the Zauberflöte, is often evident in Knecht’s score, but not to a degree that Knecht’s own musical originality is lessened in any way. Bernius’s committed, capable conducting, and the involvement of all the participants make this romantic opera a rewarding discovery.


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[...] Fazit: Bernius ist eine bedeutende Ausgrabung gelungen, [...]

Walter Schneckenburger
das Orchester, 9/09

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