Peter Schindler: Zirkus Furioso. Ein spannendes Musical-Hörspiel für alle Kinder unter 100

Peter Schindler

Zirkus Furioso

Ein Zirkusmusical für alle Kinder unter 100


Enjoy a very special musical-audio play: Everything seems to be going wrong at "Circus Allegro". Bruno the Bear refuses to appear on stage, his assistant, Bella Stella, has disappeared, and finally, even the tiger escapes! Circus director Ricardo Grande has to improvise constantly. Luckily, his new assistant, clumsy August the Clown, always has a brilliant idea just at the right time. And in the end Circus Director Pimpelmoser is very happy again. The children's choir of Radio Berlin and members of the German Big Band of the German Opera Berlin transport listeners to the furious world of the circus as musically portrayed by composer Peter Schindler. The colorful musical switches between music and the spoken text, which tells the exciting, amusing tale centered around Director Pimpelmoser and his merry troupe. Clear the ring for Circus Allegro!


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12,5 x 14 cm, CD in jewel case
EUR14,90 / copies

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