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Christoph Schönherr, Professor at the Hamburg Conservatory of Music, is a respected expert in the field of jazz and pop choirs and he is a much sought after choral composer. He has written of his work: “I have been especially influenced by the polarity of the text. On one hand it expresses Mary's joy at her pregnancy, but on the other Mary presents a bold image of God: a God of almost old Testament sternness in his demand for justice on earth. My music depicts a strong woman, who rejoices in her happiness and also swings (many 6/8, 12/8 and swing passages), but on the other hand who in formulating her concept of God clearly stands up for the poor and needy. Here I use stylistic elements of rock and funk music.”


vocal score

68 pages, 19 x 27 cm, paperback

choral score

28 pages, DIN A4, without cover
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set of parts, complete orchestral parts, on loan

  • consisting of
    1 x set of parts, harmony parts, on loan, 1 x drumset, 1 x E-Guitar, 2 x Flute and saxophone, 1 x percussion, 2 x Trumpet 1+2 / flugelhorn 1+2 (27.208/09)
    1 x individual part, violin 1, on loan (27.208/11)
    1 x individual part, violin 2, on loan (27.208/12)
    1 x individual part, viola, on loan (27.208/13)
    1 x individual part, violoncello, on loan (27.208/14)

Compact Disc

12,5 x 14 cm, CD in jewel case

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