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Johann Sebastian Bach

Welcome joyous festal day

Cantata for Trinity Sunday

BWV 194, 1724


The cantata "Höchsterwünschtes Freudenfest" BWV 194 was composed for an organ dedication on 2 November 1723 in Störmthal, Saxony. A year later, and with just a few alterations, the cantata was performed again in Leipzig on Trinity Sunday. Our edition takes this Leipzig version of 1724 as its source. The special occasion of its composition is reflected in the extent of the composition which has twelve, instead of the usual six, movements. The orchestral scoring is for strings and three obbligato oboes. A special feature of the cantata is its structure as an orchestral suite. The beginning is a spirited opening chorus in the style of a French overture. The bass aria in the third movement has the character of a pastorale, and the following aria (movement 5) in turn has the character of a gavotte, etc. A simple four-part chorale concludes this multifaceted composition, marked by some extremely heartfelt moments.

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full score

80 pages, DIN A4, paperback
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vocal score

56 pages, 19 x 27 cm, paperback
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choral score

12 pages, DIN A4, without cover
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study score

80 pages, DIN A4, paperback
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set of parts, complete orchestral parts

23 x 32 cm, without cover
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  • consisting of
    1 x set of parts, harmony parts, 1 x oboe 1, 1 x oboe 2, 1 x oboe 3 (31.194/09)
    each: 14,80 €
    4 x individual part, violin 1 (31.194/11)
    each: 5,00 €
    4 x individual part, violin 2 (31.194/12)
    each: 5,00 €
    3 x individual part, viola (31.194/13)
    each: 5,00 €
    4 x individual part, basso continuo (31.194/14)
    each: 5,00 €
    1 x individual part, organ (31.194/49)
    each: 22,50 €

individual part, organ

28 pages, 23 x 32 cm, without cover
EUR22,50 / copies

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