Johann Sebastian Bach: O you pleasant sweetheart

Johann Sebastian Bach

O you pleasant sweetheart

Cantata for the 1st day of Christmas. Reconstruction Diethard Hellmann

BWV 197a, 4, 1728


Only a fragment of the score survives of Bach’s Christmas cantata "Ehre sei Gott in der Höhe" BWV 197a, composed to a text from the "Picander cycle" of 1728, insufficient to allow a reconstruction of the complete cantata. The fragment begins with the end section of an aria which Bach later transferred into his wedding cantata "Gott ist unsre Zuversicht" BWV 197. The movement, a lullaby of dreamlike beauty, has long been known as a particular jewel amongst Bach’s cantatas. Starting with the surviving end section from the fragmentary score plus Bach’s later revision, Diethard Hellmann has convincingly reconstructed the original version so that this aria can also be performed at Christmas. Bach’s Wedding Cantata BWV 197 is available separately (Carus 31.197/50).

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full score

16 pages, DIN A4, paperback
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study score

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set of parts, complete orchestral parts

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individual part, organ

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