Beethoven: Christus am Ölberge. carus music

Ludwig van Beethoven

The Mount of Olives

op. 85


In his Passion oratorio Christus am Ölberge [The Mount of Olives], Beethoven succeeded firstly in building on an 18th century tradition, but also in putting his own personal stamp on the nascent genre of German-language oratorio. In his composition he looked towards contemporary opera. Christus am Ölberge is therefore characterized less by religious devotion and much more by the dramatic realization of a specific situation in the Passion story in deeply-felt musical scenes.

Experience of singing Bach’s Passions only helps with this work to a limited extent: instead of chorales, here there are choruses of warriors and youths who interact in a dramatic scene; later there is a chorus of angels who rejoice, and as well as this, the text is new – let’s turn to the music, there is a lot to get to grips with!

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Performers: Maria Venuti (soprano), Keith Lewis (tenore), Michel Brodard (basso) – Gaechinger Cantorey Stuttgart, Bach-Collegium Stuttgart – Helmuth Rilling


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