Children's Songs, Vol. 3


The Lieder project is a co-operative charitable project between SWR2 (Southwest German Broadcasting Company), Carus, over 100 performing artists and now more than 300 children. Following the highly successful "Lullabies" ("Wiegenlieder", 2009) and "Folk songs" ("Volkslieder", 2010), SWR2 and Carus have now turned to the German "Children's songs" ("Kinderlieder"). All of the recordings are being released successively as lieder collections in 3 attractive CD boxes. Each box includes a comprehensive book, with lied texts, source information, and short biographies of the singers and their accompanists. With a colorful combination of child soloists, children's choirs, concert singers and instrumental ensembles, this CD will make not only children want to sing.


Compact Disc

12,5 x 14 cm, CD in slipcase
EUR19,90 / copies

Geschenkverpackung LIEDERPROJEKT, packaging, gift packaging

EUR0,99 / copies

Children's songs, Songbook, with Singalong-CD

128 pages, clothbound
EUR28,00 / copies

Die schönsten deutschen Kinderlieder. Kinderheft zum großen Kinderlieder-Buch. Zum Singen in der Familie. Ausgabe für den Kinderchor, collection

96 pages, DIN A5, paperback
EUR9,80 / copies
Available from 1 copies
from 1 copies 9,80 EUR
from 20 copies 7,95 EUR
from 40 copies 7,16 EUR
from 60 copies 6,36 EUR

Kinderlieder-Klavierband. Die schönsten deutschen Kinderlieder, volume for voice + piano

112 pages, DIN A4, paperback
EUR29,90 / copies

Kinderlieder: Playback-CD für die Band-Arrangements, Compact Disc, Playbacks

DIN A4, CD in jewel case
EUR36,00 / copies

Children's Songs, Vol. 1, Compact Disc

12,5 x 14 cm, CD in slipcase
EUR19,90 / copies

Children's Songs, Vol. 2, Compact Disc

12,5 x 14 cm, CD in slipcase
EUR19,90 / copies

Product information


32 Works Show


Klaus Wagenleiter und Freunde Personal details
Mitglieder des Radio-Sinfonieorchesters Stuttgart Personal details
Wir Kinder vom Kleistpark Personal details
Peter Schindler und der Hoppel Hoppel Rhythm Club Personal details
Evang. Kinderkantorei Stuttgart-Vaihingen Personal details
Stuttgarter Hymnus-Chorknaben Personal details
MDR Kinderchor Personal details
Thomaner-Anwärter Klasse 1 und 2 Personal details
Mädchenkantorei Domkirche St. Eberhard, Stuttgart Personal details
Nachwuchs des Cross Over Jugendchors, Beckum Personal details
SingsalaSing, Ensemble der Landesakademie, Ochsenh Personal details
SingsalaSing, Kinderchor der Landesakademie, Ochse Personal details
Tübinger Neckarschwalben Personal details
Ulmer Spatzen Chor Personal details


Wolfgang König Personal details


Fredrik Vahle Personal details
Christian Elsner Personal details
Christiane Oelze Personal details
Juliane Banse Personal details
Lydia Teuscher Personal details
Hans Jörg Mammel Personal details
Marcus Ullmann Personal details
Paulina Elsner Personal details
Michael Nagy Personal details
Andreas Weller Personal details
Christoph Prégardien Personal details

Soloist - oboe

Alban Peters Personal details

Soloist - clarinet

Dirk Altmann Personal details

Soloist - violin

Christine Busch Personal details

Soloist - guitar

Michael Freimuth Personal details
Csaba Székely Personal details

Soloist - piano

Daniel Gárdonyi Personal details
Joachim Priesner Personal details
Juliane Ruf Personal details
Eric Schneider Personal details
Klaus Melber Personal details
Sabine Sauer Personal details
Leonhard Elsner Personal details
Frank Zimpel Personal details

Soloist - organ

Kay Johannsen Personal details

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