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Carus publishes about 300 new releases every year - from 4-page choral sheets to large oratorios, from CDs to digital editions. On these pages you will find our latest releases of the recent months. Happy browsing!
New releases

Johann Sebastian Bach: Be silent, not a word

In 1729 Bach took over the running of the “Collegium musicum” in Leipzig, founded by Telemann, and continued the tradition of giving concerts at least once a week with this ensemble in...

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Anton Bruckner: Requiem in D minor

Anton Bruckner composed his Requiem in D minor at the young age of 24 in memory of a friend of his father’s who was his patron. The work was greatly influenced by the Viennese classical style....

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Angel Songs

Poets and composers have regularly been inspired by angels for texts, images or melodies. Peter Schindler has set to music an angel song cycle based on the wonderful lyrics of Hugo Ball, Martin...

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Beethoven: Christus am Ölberge

In his Passion oratorio The Mount of Olives , Beethoven succeeded firstly in building on the 18th century tradition, and secondly in putting his own personal stamp on the nascent genre of...

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Ludwig van Beethoven: Elegiac Song

Ludwig van Beethoven composed his Elegiac Song in memory of Eleonore Pasqualati, the wife of his long-standing friend and patron Johann Baptist Freiherr von Pasqualati zu Osterberg, who died...

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Die drei ??? Kids: Musikdiebe

Alter: 9–14 Jahre Dauer: 90 min Lieder: 15, 7 Instrumentalstücke Besetzung: Chor: 1–3-stg Soli: 9 Sprechrollen: 3 Instrumente: Fassung 1: Tenorsaxophon, Streichensemble (2 Violinen,...

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Hallelujah. Gospels and Spirituals for mixed choir

The choral collection Hallelujah. Gospels and Spirituals transports us into the fascinating world of African American folk songs. 30 gospels and spirituals have been arranged for mixed choir,...

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