Antonín Dvorák: Stabat Mater

Antonín Dvorák

Stabat Mater

Version for chamber orchestra

op. 58, 1876/1877


Antonín Dvorák’s impressive Stabat Mater for soloists, chorus and orchestra is probably the best-known of the composer’s sacred works. Some painful experiences – in 1875 his first daughter died, and in 1877 he lost two other children in quick succession – may have led to Dvorák’s preoccupation with the suffering of the Mother of God, who stands weeping beneath the cross of her son. The music enters into the different moods of the liturgical texts with great sensitivity. Nine movements in slow to moderate tempi serve as a kind of Passion meditation, before the ecstasy of a vision of the resurrection wins the upper hand at the end of the tenth movement. With our newly-published arrangement for chamber orchestra (flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, bassoon, timpani, and strings), smaller choirs now have the opportunity of performing this work without the choir being drowned out by a large-scale symphony orchestra. The symphonic character of the work is nevertheless preserved. This scoring offers an optimal balance between transparency and orchestral sound. All vocal parts (soloists and chorus) are identical with the original version. Vocal score and choral score can be used also together with the original version, which is in preparation.


full score

240 pages, 25 x 32 cm, paperback
EUR89,00 / copies

vocal score

120 pages, 19 x 27 cm, paperback
EUR14,95 / copies

choral score

36 pages, DIN A4, without cover
EUR6,95 / copies
Available from 20 copies
from 20 copies 6,95 EUR
from 40 copies 6,26 EUR
from 60 copies 5,56 EUR

set of parts, complete orchestral parts

23 x 32 cm, without cover
EUR254,00 / copies
  • consisting of
    1 x set of parts, harmony parts, 1 x bassoon, 1 x clarinet, 1 x flute, 1 x horn, 1 x oboe, 1 x timpani (27.293/59)
    each: 130,00 €
    4 x individual part, violin 1 (27.293/61)
    each: 12,00 €
    4 x individual part, violin 2 (27.293/62)
    each: 12,00 €
    3 x individual part, viola (27.293/63)
    each: 12,00 €
    3 x individual part, violoncello (27.293/64)
    each: 12,00 €
    2 x individual part, double bass (27.293/65)
    each: 12,00 €

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