Calmus Christmas Carols


To give familiar melodies a fresh, rich and colorful new look and thus to present them in an attractive new light is the essential direction which the Calmus Ensemble Leipzig followed for this Christmas CD. The arrangements of well-known Christmas songs in this collection make use of structures from both classical as well as popular music from a variety of eras, always taking only the best of both worlds. It is hoped that the listener will not only be delighted, but will also be pleasantly surprised. That listening to this international Christmas album brings continually good feelings and that one listens with much joy and pleasure is due not only to the fine arrangements, but also to the lively interpretation and the perfect sound of the Calmus Ensemble Leipzig, which knows how to create an entirely genuine, uninhibited Christmas feeling.


Compact Disc

12,5 x 14 cm, CD, digipac
EUR19,90 / copies

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[...] Das Leipziger Calmus Ensemble schafft Abhilfe für Jingle-Bells-Geschädigte [...] In bester King's-Singers-Klangkultur haben die vier Ex-Thomaner (alle Jahrgang 1979) und ihre glockenhelle Sopranistin Anja Lipfert neunzehn mehr oder minder populäre Lieder zur Advents- und Weihnachtszeit zu neuem Leben erweckt. [...]

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