Fauré: Sacred music. Complete edition of the shorter sacred music for choir and ensembles


Between completing his education at the École de musique classique et religieuse in Paris and being appointed head of the Paris Conservatoire, Gabriel Fauré worked mainly as a church musician. As a result of his conviction that spiritual music is "an expression of humanity", he usually preferred more intimate chamber music ensembles to large monumental works.  In accordance with the resources available where he worked, he wrote much for mixed choir, frequently supported by soloists and organ or harmonium and sometimes enriched by harp or double bass. For festive occasions, further instruments were added: preferably a string quintet, sometimes augmented by wind instruments. The chamber music-like "human" character was, however, always retained.

"Musique religieuse" contains all the smaller-scale choral and  ensemble works, as well as previously unpublished original arrangements for orchestra and chamber ensemble.

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184 pages, DIN A4, paperback
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