Homilius: Erwachet, ihr Christen. Choralvorspiele, Kantaten und Sonate für Oboe


As the organist of the Dresden Frauenkirche, the composing of chorale preludes was one of the main activities of Gottfried August Homilius (1714-1785). In addition to the classical chorale prelude for solo organ, Homilius also cultivated a remarkably unique form: the arranging of a chorale with the use of an obbligato melody instrument. Like no other composer, Homilius concerned himself with this genre. The majority of the twenty-eight known chorale preludes of this type survive in a Dresden manuscript which is preserved in a library in Northampton, Massachusetts. Until a few years ago, the existence of both the autograph, as well as the works it contained was entirely unknown. The present CD has been expanded to include two cantatas, as well as the only known chamber music work by Homilius. Thus Carus continues its series "Music from the Frauenkirche in Dresden" and brings the music of Homilius to life again at the original locations where he worked as a musician. The recording is under the direction of the internationally renowned trumepter and conductor, Ludwig Güttler, who conducts as well as performs here. Güttler was one of the individuals who gave his time and energy to the rebuilding of the Dresden Frauenkirche.


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12,5 x 14 cm, CD, digipac
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Gottfried August Homilius: Christmas oratorio. "Die Freude der Hirten über die Geburt Jesu", Compact Disc

12,5 x 14 cm, CD, digipac
EUR19,90 / copies

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[...] Die Einspielung mit zwölf Choralvorspielen wird durch zwei Kantaten und die einzig bekannte Kammermusikkomposition - eine Sonate für Oboe und Basso continuo - ergänzt. Die Weltersteinspielungen werfen ein spannendes Licht auf die kirchenmusikalische Praxis in Dresden zu dieser Zeit.

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