Johann Nepomuk Hummel: Mass in B flat major

Johann Nepomuk Hummel

Mass in B flat major


The House of Esterházy commissioned what are probably some of the most important masses to be written at the turn of the 18th to the 19th century: Joseph Haydn’s last, six great masses, Beethoven’s Mass in C major and the masses of Johann Nepomuk Hummel. The resonance in the contemporary musical press upon the publication of the B flat major Mass of 1816/17, Hummel’s first Esterházy mass, was exceptionally positive. In addition to the rather simply constructed wind parts, which can also be played by the organ, the work places greater demands on the strings and choir (without soloists) to master an effect-laden, expressive diversity ranging from pastoral simplicity and martial trumpet calls to artistically wrought fugues which is rarely encountered. The present new edition offers the first scholarly-critical edition of the work in a reliable musical text, including performance material.


full score

140 pages, DIN A4 (landscape format), paperback
EUR48,00 / copies

vocal score

72 pages, 19 x 27 cm, paperback
EUR18,50 / copies

choral score

24 pages, DIN A4, without cover
EUR7,50 / copies
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from 40 copies 6,75 EUR
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set of parts, complete orchestral parts

23 x 32 cm, without cover
EUR235,00 / copies
  • consisting of
    1 x set of parts, harmony parts, 1 x bassoon 1, 1 x bassoon 2, 1 x clarino 1, 1 x clarino 2, 1 x oboe 1, 1 x oboe 2, 1 x timpani (40.664/09)
    each: 33,00 €
    7 x individual part, violin 1 (40.664/11)
    each: 8,80 €
    6 x individual part, violin 2 (40.664/12)
    each: 8,80 €
    5 x individual part, viola (40.664/13)
    each: 8,80 €
    7 x individual part, violoncello/double bass (40.664/14)
    each: 8,80 €
    1 x individual part, organ (40.664/49)
    each: 21,00 €

individual part, organ

32 pages, 23 x 32 cm, without cover
EUR21,00 / copies

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