Marc-Antoine Charpentier: Noël. Christmas cantatas


Marc-Antoine Carpentier is not only the composer of the Eurovision theme tune („Te Deum Prelude“), through his oratorios, motets and cantatats he also made important contributions to French baroque sacred music. Some of his Christmas pieces are recorded on this CD. As in Charpentier’s many Histoires sacrées, the music is in the oratorio style, with recitatives sung by the Evangelist and direct utterances by biblical characters. The singers of the solistenensemble stimmkunst take both the solo and the choral parts. This CD also includes a number of charming Noëls, Christmas songs for a small instrumental ensemble.


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12,5 x 14 cm, CD in jewel case
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[...] Ein Ansatz, in den sich auch die superben Instrumentalisten des 'Ensemble 94' nahtlos einfügen. Es musiziert geschmeidig und entwickelt sich mit seiner sorgfältigen Artikulation zum substantiellen Partner einer nicht von Pomp, sondern von Demut bestimmten Interpretation. [...]

Michael Pitz-Grewenig, 18.01.2009