Rheinberger: Geistliche Gesänge I für Solostimme bzw. Frauenchor mit Begleitung (GA, Bd. 6)


Of the works presented in volume 6, the Four elegiac Songs op. 128 for solo voice and organ, with their arialike characteristics, are musically among the most demanding compositions. The Marian Hymns op. 171 display a variety of scorings for small ensembles, a trait which characterizes all the songs in this volume: This opus contains pieces for one, two or three voices. In addition, No. 1 (Ave Maria) appears in versions for either low- or high-registered voice. The appendix of this volume includes alternate versions for a few works in this volume, some of which are first editions, including Quam dilecta, which is a Latin version, with harp and organ, of the hymn Wie lieblich sind deine Wohnungen op. 35.

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