Beethoven: Works for choir and orchestra


Beethoven’s choral works in a practical study package!
Urtext reflecting the latest state of musicological research

As well as study scores of the two masses, the box set contains Urtext scores of Beethoven’s only oratorio Christus am Ölberge (The Mount of Olives), together with three secular works with orchestral accompaniment (the Choral Fantasy, Meeres Stille und Glückliche Fahrt (Calm Sea and Prosperous Voyage), and Elegischer Gesang (Elegiac Song). As a bonus volume and a real rarity, the Kyrie based on the Adagio from the “Moonlight Sonata” for choir and orchestra (arr. Bierey) is also included.

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package, Set with study scores

872 pages, DIN A5, in slipcase
EUR74,95 / copies
  • consisting of
    1 x study score (10.395/07)
    each: 10,95 €
    1 x study score (23.020/07)
    each: 26,00 €
    1 x study score (28.009/07)
    each: 6,95 €
    1 x study score (40.688/07)
    each: 26,40 €
    1 x study score (40.689/07)
    each: 28,00 €

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