Charles Gounod: Messe à la mémoire de Jeanne d'Arc

Charles Gounod

Messe à la mémoire de Jeanne d'Arc

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Gounod’s Messe à la mémoire de Jeanne d’Arc was composed in 1887 for a festive mass in Reims to commemorate the arrival of the national heroine in the city on the occasion of the coronation of Charles VII in 1429. Performed a cappella or only accompanied by an organ, vast stretches of the work are in an archaic style in the tradition of Palestrina. The royal procession into the cathedral is conveyed in the splendid Prélude at the beginning, which was performed at the premiere by eight trumpets, three trombones, and organ. In the performance material, the present edition also offers a version of the movement for piano and organ. For the Offertoire, Gounod composed a cantilena for violin and organ (or piano), which is also included in the edition, as a "Vision" of Jeanne d’Arc.

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