Jacek Sykulski: The peace meditation

Jacek Sykulski

The peace meditation


The Peace meditation is an entirely tonal piece in A minor, avoiding any modernistic or superficial effects. It nevertheless makes a great impression. The work is entirely textless. The male voices hold a pedal note A throughout the piece, above which a solo soprano melody unfolds an archaic-sounding motif in peaceful quarter and eighth note movement. The frequent repetitions are always spun anew. This melody also appears transposed up a third, intensified, and then – with the only accidental in the piece – the B flat is placed dissonantly against the pedal note. Sykulski wrote the piece in 2001 shortly after the 9/11 attacks and performed it for the first time with the Pozna? Adam Mickiewicz University Academic Chor, also at "Ground Zero" before a deeply moved American audience, the work expressing the sorrow of so many people rendered silent and dumbfounded.


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