Ko Matsushita: Tota pulchra es

Ko Matsushita

Tota pulchra es

Antiphon for the 2nd Vespers for the Feast of the Immaculate Conception


This setting is characterized by the use of Gregorian chant and melodious lines. The simple, sonorous and melodic treatment, even in the individual voice parts, with its accompanying piano figuration, is reminiscent of the treatment of Gregorian chant in French choral music of the 19th century. But Matsushita has found a tonal language entirely his own, with the use of sparsely employed modulations, short, flashing dissonances (especially between the melodies of the choir and the piano accompaniment), and through the surprising use of chromatic intervals. The piece is quite accessible for all girl's and women's choirs, and the piano accompaniment can also be performed by an organ.

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