Ko Matsushita: Veni Creator Spiritus

Ko Matsushita

Veni Creator Spiritus

Hymn for Pentecost


Matsushita's setting of a hymn for Pentecost is a dialog between women's choir and piano: while the choir develops its melodies from the Gregorian hymn, the piano provides a counterpoint with the minimalistic sounds of fourth and fifths, together with short independent motives related to the text of the hymn. Corresponding to the chorale, the meter changes continually, as if floating. The choir is treated homophonically throughout and, in preparation for the climax of the piece it is briefly divided into six parts at the words "pacemque dones protinus" (true peace bring unto us). One again Matsushita proves himself a master of economy in his use of compositional means; thus his works of new church music are appealing, effective, and they express humility.

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