Madrigali e Motetti. Choral collection Monteverdi


This is a "must" to celebrate the 450th anniversary in 2017 of the birth of the great Claudio Monteverdi. Monteverdi wrote almost exclusively vocal music. Many of his innovative compositions are accessible and performable by today´s choirs. The choral collection is a compilation of 20 compositions: both secular madrigals and sacred motets. In addition, the collection also includes a number of famous madrigals to which one of Monteverdi's contemporaries added Latin sacred texts soon after their publication. Each of these latter works is printed with both secular and sacred texts. The entire collection also includes a basso continuo realization. Separate editions are available.

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choral collection

144 pages, DIN A4, paperback
EUR34,90 / copies

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Für gut geschulte Chöre sind diese Stücke sicherlich machbar und reizvoll.
Kirchenmusik im Bistum Aachen, 9/2016



Viele seiner [Monteverdis] bahnbrechenden Kompositionen sind auch für heutige Chöre gut realisierbar. In diesem Chorbuch sind 20 geeignete Kompositionen zusammengestellt.
Musik & Liturgie, 3/2016