Canti con flauto II. Six Songs of the 19th century for upper voice, flute and piano


The second volume in the series Canti con flauto features six songs from the 19th century for high voice, flute and piano in a new critical edition. The pieces, some of which are virtuosic, offer an impressive insight into the varied repertoire for this scoring. The selection includes works with German, French, and English texts. Three of the songs originally contained two languages. In the works by Ch. G. Belcke, A. Terschak, H. R. Bishop, and S. Laville the flute imitates bird song. The compositions by J. H. Altès and A. M. Panseron are also based on contemporary texts about nature and love.
Together with Canti con flauto I (Carus 17.201), this volume enables performers to rediscover this highly effective, but unjustly forgotten repertoire.

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full score, with instrumental parts

DIN A4, paperback
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... Dabei erweist sich die Flötenstimme dem Gesangspart als echter Duopartner, in dem sie Vogelgesänge imitiert oder mit den Koloraturen und brillanten Sechzehntelketten über beide Triopartner hinweg zwitschert.
Die auskomponierte Liedbegleitung untermalt den Text wirkungsvoll: hohe Kunst einer selten zu hörenden kammermusikalischen Besetzung.
Flöte aktuell, 1/2019

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