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The Choral Collection French Choral Music is a real treasure trove for choirs to explore music from France. The collection contains 45 sacred compositions for mostly four-part mixed choir, all of which were composed in France. In compiling the collection the editor Denis Rouger, Professor of Choral Conducting at the Musikhochschule Stuttgart, has drawn on his extensive experience as Music Director at Notre-Dame and Sainte-Madeleine in Paris, as well as on his work with many professional and amateur ensembles in Germany and France.The result is an extremely varied choral collection with works from the Renaissance to the present day.

In addition to well-known works by Marc-Antoine Charpentier, Gabriel Fauré, and Camille Saint-Saëns, the collection includes first editions of previously largely unknown works by composers such as Adolphe Adam and Charles-Marie Widor. The choral director’s volume includes a CD with recordings of selected works, sung by the figure humaine chamber choir conducted by the editor, which will help with learning and rehearsing the repertoire. Separate editions are also available.

Most of the pieces have texts from the Latin liturgy which are also familiar in other countries. Added translations into German, English and French help to understand the original singing texts.

Pronunciation help for following works:


Prounoncing Aid 01: Nr. 11 Adolphe Adam, Cantique de Noël (1847)
Prounoncing Aid 02: Nr. 14 Claude Goudimel, Donne secours
Prounoncing Aid 03: Nr. 15 Orlando di Lasso, Du fond de ma pensée
Prounoncing Aid 04: Nr. 30 Claude Goudimel, Que l'entreprise est belle
Prounoncing Aid 05: Nr. 42 Anton Reicha, Tout pénétrés de ta grandeur immense
Prounoncing Aid 06: Nr. 45 Denis Rouger, Veni, Creator Spiritus



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