Rheinberger: Weltliche Chormusik IV für Chor bzw. Solostimmen mit Begleitung (GA, Bd. 22)


This volume contains Rheinberger’s choral works with accompaniment which are not ballads. These compositions, some of which are unknown today, merit a rediscovery and offer a wide range of different scorings: Included among them are compositions for mixed voices, for women’s choir and men’s choir. Most of them can be performed either chorally or with a group of soloists. Rheinberger’s romantic-idyllic setting of Eichendorff’s Die Nacht op. 56, with the unusual accompaniment of a piano quartet, is very attractive. In the Hymnus an die Tonkunst op. 179 a wind orchestra is added to the choir. The remaining works are with piano accompaniment.


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224 pages, 25 x 32 cm, clothbound
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