Georg Friedrich Händel: Utrecht Te Deum

Georg Friedrich Händel

Utrecht Te Deum

HWV 278


Handel’s Utrecht Te Deum HWV 278 enthralled London audiences right from its first performance, and it continues to do so today in concert halls and churches all over the world. It was performed for the first time in a festive service on 13 July 1713 in St. Paul’s Cathedral to celebrate the Peace marking the end of the twelve year-long War of the Spanish Succession in 1713. The Te Deum was the first commission by the English royal house and was also Handel’s first sacred work in the English language.

For Handel the Utrecht Te Deum was an important milestone at the beginning of his London career. The composition brought him an annual pension from Queen Anne and helped him to establish himself as a composer of prestigious music for the English royal family. Four further settings of the Ambrosian hymn of praise by Handel followed, including the equally popular Dettingen Te Deum (Carus 55.238).

The six soloists required can in practice be reduced to four, and the Te Deum does not contain any stand-alone arias. The chorus is scored in five parts in a few movements (SSATB), with the concluding doxology beginning in double-choir scoring (SST/AATB).

For this frequently-performed work Carus offers a musical text reflecting the latest scholarly discoveries. The Critical Report contains information on all the important facts about the work in a practicable, compact form. A detailed foreword contains insights into the creation of the work and its reception. The vocal score, choral score, and orchestral parts provide for the needs of practical performance; these are complemented by carus music, the choir app for practising the choral parts, as well as the Carus Choir Coach practice CDs and a Vocal Score XL in reader-friendly large print.


full score

76 pages, 25 x 32 cm, paperback
EUR29,95 / copies

vocal score

48 pages, 19 x 27 cm, paperback
EUR15,95 / copies

vocal score, XL in large print

48 pages, DIN A4, paperback
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choral score

24 pages, DIN A4, without cover
EUR7,95 / copies
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from 60 copies 6,36 EUR

set of parts, complete orchestral parts

23 x 32 cm
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  • consisting of
    1 x set of parts, harmony parts, 1 x bassoon, 1 x flute, 1 x oboe 1, 1 x oboe 2, 2 x trumpets 1 and 2 (55.278/09)
    each: 15,95 €
    4 x individual part, violin 1 (55.278/11)
    each: 5,95 €
    4 x individual part, violin 2 (55.278/12)
    each: 5,95 €
    3 x individual part, viola (55.278/13)
    each: 4,95 €
    3 x individual part, basso continuo (55.278/14)
    each: 5,95 €
    1 x individual part, organ (55.278/49)
    each: 13,95 €

individual part, organ

16 pages, 23 x 32 cm, without cover
EUR13,95 / copies

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