Walter Feldmann: sexe-tuor

Walter Feldmann


Version 1, for oboe and playback CD



«sexe-tuor» was originally a failed attempt to compose a solo oboe piece for my noyé cycle. For the solo the name "le sexe du noyé" was intended, and the few measures of sexe-tuor were my first attempt to compose a piece in which more complex rhythms would result in a kind of proportional multiplication of individual fragments from the sextet (hence the French sextuor) le retour du noyé. This proved to be monstrously complicated and absurd. Thus, the ten measures of the «sexe-tuor» fragment represent a capitulation in the face of these complications, presented as the interruption of an immovable column of air in a frozen multiphonic sound. In the event, the solution to the problem was quite simple: Beginning with the composition of le sexe du noyé the proportionalities of the pitch levels and rhythmic values revealed significant rhythmic possibilities. sexe-tuor remains as it is: a solo piece that can function in another compositional context, as an intermezzo between other, larger works on a concert program. The 90 second piece of music can be played in two versions: either for solo piccolo or solo oboe.

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