Händel: Messiah. carus music

Georg Friedrich Händel


HWV 56, 1742


George Frideric Handel was regarded as the first and most important exponent of the genre of oratorio in England. And it is Messiah above all which is regarded as the perfect example of sacred music. Handel is very singable and great fun for all choral singers! But some passages get right down to the nitty-gritty. “And he shall purify” is just one of the movements which need practice before you can give your all to the marvellous music.


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Messiah is sung in English. Performers: Carolyn Sampson (soprano), Daniel Taylor (alto), Benjamin Hulett (tenore), Peter Harvey (basso) – Kammerchor Stuttgart, Barockorchester Stuttgart – Frieder Bernius

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1. Sinfony Sinfony 2. Accompagnato (Tenore):... And the glory of the Lord 3. Air (Tenore): Ev’ry... And he shall purify 4. Chorus: And the glory... For unto us a child is born 5. Accompagnato (Basso):... Glory to God in the highest 6. Air (Alto): But who... His yoke is easy Behold the lamb of God Recitative (Alto):... Surely He hath borne our... 9. Accompagnato (Basso):... And with His stripes we... 10. Air (Basso): The... All we, like sheep 11. Chorus: For unto us a... He trusted in God that He... 12. Pifa, Recitative... Lift up your heads 13. Accompagnato... The Lord gave the word Recitative (Soprano): And... Their sound is gone out 15. Chorus: Glory to God... Let us break their bonds... 16. Air (Soprano):... Halleluja Recitative (Alto): Then... Since by man came death 18. Chorus: His yoke is easy But thanks be to God 19. Chorus: Behold the... Worthy is the Lamb that... 20. Air (Alto): He was...
21. Chorus: Surely He... 22. Chorus: And with His... 23. Chorus: All we, like... 24. Accompagnato... 25. Chorus: He trusted in... 26. Accompagnato... 27. Arioso (Tenore):... 28. Accompagnato... 29. Air (Tenore): But... 30. Chorus: Lift up your... Recitative (Tenore): Unto... 32. Air (Alto): Thou art... 33. Chorus: The Lord gave... 34. Air (Soprano): How... 35. Chorus: Their sound... 36. Air (Basso): Why do... 37. Chorus: Let us break... Recitative (Tenore): He... 40. Air (Soprano): I know... 41. Chorus: Since by man... 42. Accompagnato (Basso):... 43. Air (Basso): The... Recitative (Alto): Then... 45. Chorus: But thanks be... 46. Air (Soprano): If God... 47. Chorus: Worthy is the...


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