Hasse: Miserere in C. carus music

Johann Adolf Hasse

Miserere in C minor


The Miserere in C minor was written for women’s choir but was reworked by Hasse himself for mixed chorus. The composition comprises eight contrasting sections which include arias, soloistic ensemble movements, and choruses, expressing comfort, devotion, and mercy. Long, sustained phrases characterize the choruses except for the final chorus. Here, it is essential not to confuse "slow" with "easy": the choral sections can only reveal their effect if the chorus can sustain the arc of tension! In the Allegro assai of the final chorus the trick is not to get faster with the fast tempo and short note values, and nevertheless to maintain the lightness. 


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Performers: Johanna Winkel (soprano), Wiebke Lehmkuhl (alto), Colin Balzer (tenore), Michael Volle (basso) – Dresdner Kammerchor, Dresdner Barockorchester – Hans-Christoph Rademann


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