Haydn: Missa brevis Sti. Joannis de Deo. carus music

Joseph Haydn

Missa brevis Sancti Joannis de Deo

Little organ mass

Hob. XXII:7, 1778 (?) (terminus ante quem)


In the Gloria and Credo of his Little Organ Mass, Haydn takes the principle of the "Missa brevis" to the extreme: the entire text is distributed simultaneously among the four voices so that the long text in the Gloria is treated in 19 measures. Accordingly, one has to be rhythmically autonomous as a chorister. Rhythmic certainty on the part of each individual is also necessary for the fugal treatment of the voices in the Sanctus, with its unusual 6/8 meter. It is good that one can practice these movements slowly, using the app.

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Performers: Barbara Hendricks (soprano) – Rundfunkchor Leipzig, Staatskapelle Dresden – Sir Neville Marriner


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