Mendelssohn: Der 95. Psalm. carus music

Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy

Psalm 95

O! Come let us worship and kneel before the Lord

MWV A 16, 1838


Psalm texts inspired Mendelssohn throughout his life, and as well as unaccompanied pieces, he wrote five major orchestral psalm settings. Their new kind of form, somewhere between that of a Bach cantata and the oratorios of Handel, became highly regarded in the 19th century. Psalm 95 begins with a joyful exhortation to worship the Lord, but then turns into a warning against disobeying God’s word. Mendelssohn develops this contrast strongly in the music: the first part is characterized by solemnity. In the second section the musical language is more fragile and intimate, the phrases are longer and, if the choir follows the conductor closely, the tutti in the final chorus can have a flowing character in some passages, and sometimes a pressing and dramatic character elsewhere.

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Performers: Andrea L. Brown (soprano), Maria Bernius (soprano), Monica Groop (alto), Werner Güra (tenore), Michael Volle (basso) – Kammerchor Stuttgart, Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen – Frieder Bernius


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