Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Missa brevis in B flat major

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Missa brevis in B flat major

KV 275 (272b), 1777


The Missa Brevis in B flat major K. 275 is characterized by a prevailing cheerful, buoyant mood, which Alfred Einstein attested to be "a refinemenet of inconspicuous polyphony and, above all, chromatic movement and boldness". The carus music app proves to be very helpful for practicing the dialog-like, meshed solo and tutti passages and for the chromatic, in part tricky movements of the voices the Coach provides orientation.

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 Performers: Agnès Mellon (soprano), Elisabeth Graf (alto), Oly Pfaff (tenore), Franz-Josef Selig (basso) – Kölner Kammerchor, Collegium Cartusianum – Peter Neumann  


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12,5 x 14 cm, without cover

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