Reger Edition of Work, vol. II/8: Works for mixed voice unaccompanied choir I (1890–1902)


This first part-volume contains mixed choruses composed by Reger between 1890 and 1902. It includes functional music for use in the Catholic liturgy (Opus 61 and WoO VI/12, 19) and the Protestant liturgy (Opus 79f and WoO VI/17, which provides chorale-based four-part settings for a complete church year). Reger wrote both secular folk song settings (WoO VI/10, 11), as well as sacred (WoO VI/13, 14). His Drei Chöre (Three Choruses) op. 39, very demanding both compositionally and tonally, were dedicated to renowned choral societies, almost professional in standard. "Palmsonntagmorgen" WoO VI/18, written as a commission, forms a bridge to Reger’s later motets to a certain extent.


Since January 2008, the first scholarly, critical edition of the works of Max Reger (RWA) is being produced at the Max-Reger-Institute, Karlsruhe. Its design as a “hybrid” edition breaks new ground in the methods of editorial practice.



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