Rheinberger: Chamber music III, Complete Edition Vol. 31


Volume 31 contains, among other works, the Piano Quartet, which was enthusiastically received by the critics in Rheinberger’s time: “The themes are noble, with significant content, the motivic development is rich and interesting, above all free from anything resembling a mould … and such a healthy musical wind blows through the entire work that I believe I am not mistaken if I forsee for this work a great success.” This is how a contemporary critic reviewed the work. Indeed, op. 38 proceeded to become the most successful of Rheinberger’s chamber music works during his lifetime. The Sextet op. 191b is an effective arrangement of his Piano Trio No. 4 op. 191, for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn and piano. All works are also available in separate editions.


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256 pages , ca. 32x25 cm, clothbound edition
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