Rheinberger: Kammermusik I (Gesamtausgabe, Bd. 29)


Rheinberger’s string quartets, his string quintet and his nonet for winds and strings were often performed and were very successful works during his lifetime. Their density, but also the delicateness of the scherzo movements are in the tradition of Schumann and Mendelssohn and these traits are combined with Rheinberger’s sense for the clear, defined structure of the movements and solid contrapuntal writing. The octet for winds and strings is published here for the first time and the nonet, which is actually a reworking of this octet that Rheinberger undertook some twenty years later, is also published in this volume. Rheinberger made major changes from the original octet and he added two new movements to the nonet. Both works show especially the interest and pleasure which he derived from the variety in the differentiation of colors in ensemble playing. The Thema mit Veränderungen op. 93, which until now has been known as a work for string quartet, is published here with the double bass part which Rheinberger later added.

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