Choral music by Franz Schubert

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Carus-Verlag publishes almost all the sacred choral works of Franz Schubert. Church music occupied Franz Schubert throughout his life: some works were commissioned by the church choir in his local parish, for example, and were clearly written with such practical needs in mind. Schubert therefore composed not only for professional musicians, but also for the middle classes. His works were intended for a whole variety of liturgical occasions, and are of different levels of difficulty and length; consequently they are also ideally suited to use in today's church music. Simple, unsophisticated movements stand next to more demanding choral parts and soloistic-virtuoso concert pieces. An exciting oeuvre awaits rediscovery: in its cantabile, harmonically profound elements, it reflects a typically Schubertian expressive world: works of great persuasive power and exceptional musical beauty.