On this page you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions:


1. How can I get carus music?

You can find carus music on the App Store or get it on Google Play and download the app directly on your smartphone or tablet.

2. Is it possible to get a work in carus music for the entire choir or to order the app directly with the printed edition from Carus?

Unfortunately carus music is only available on the App Store and on Google Play – it's only possible to get it for your own mobile device. Technically there's no way (at the moment) to get the work for an entire choir or buy it directly from the Carus-Verlag.

3. What does carus music cost?

carus music is for free. There is a free demo version of (almost) any work, which includes all functions of carus music and let you get to know the work. Works can be obtained via in-app purchase. One work costs between 0,99 € and 14,99 € - prices vary depending on your country.

4. Is carus music offline usable?

A stable Internet connection, at best WLAN is necessary to download carus music. You also have to be connected with the internet while downloading a work, because oft the high data volume most of the works can only be downloaded via WLAN. By the time the complete work is on your mobile device, you're able to use it offline as well.

5. Why can't I activate the coach?

The coach is only available for choir parts. Make sure, you're in a choir part in the work you're using (marked as (Coro) in the table of contents) including your vocal range. If it's not possible to activate the coach, even though it's a choir part, please select menue – options – voice and activate your voice to use the coach.

6. Why can't I activate the slow mode?

The slow mode can only be activated if the coach is as well. As a first step you need to activate the coach, second you can activate the slow function.

7. There are two basso voices in the work. How can I switch the coach function from (f. e.) basso 1 into basso 2?

There's an edition for every vocal range in carus music. If there ist more than one choral part in the same vocal range you can switch from basso 1 into basso 2 for the coach function by choosing menu - options - voice. You can decide which basso voice the coach is supposed to play.


8. Why does the coach sound slightly out of tune on some notes?

The coach is based on equal temperament tuning. This temperament is a compromise in which all notes are equally slightly out of tune. With performances of early music, other temperament systems are often used which involve other compromises. Frequently-used keys then sound more “in tune”, and less frequently-used keys “less in tune” than in equal temperament. When there is a coming together of equal temperament (with the coach) and, for example, a meantone temperament (on the recording), this can result in a clearly perceptible difference in pitch on some notes. Even with unaccompanied singing a choir doesn't veer towards equal temperament, but towards a pure temperament, and thus the tuning can vary from the coach.


9. Why does the coach sound in another pitch than my piano?

During the preparation process the pitch of the coach is adjusted to the recording. If the recording is, for example recorded in historical tuning (f. e. St. Matthew Passion around 413 Hertz) the coach is adjusted to this tuning. This tone differs from todays standard tuning pitch which is on 440 Hertz – audible as about a half-tone.


10. I bought a work on my tablet. Is it possible to use it on my smartphone as well (and vice versa)?

If you use the same account on both devices you can easily use the work you have bought on both devices. After downloading carus music on your second Android-device you will see all works which you have already bought in My works. iOS user have to select Info – Restore purchases first. Afterwards you will find the works in My works as well, push LOAD and the works can be used on the second device as well. Both devices have to be either iOS- or Android-devices - it is  not possible to buy a work on an Android-device and use it on an iOS-device as well.


11. I got a new smartphone/tablet, can I use the works I have already bought on it?

If you changed your device, you can still use the works you have already bought in carus music, as long as you are using the same account. Please follow the steps described in question number 10.


12. Can I use the app on my Windows-phone/-tablet or my amazon Kindle? Is there a desktop solution for Computer or Mac available?

carus music is only available for Android and iOS. You can use it on your smartphone and tablet - there's no desktop version available.


13. I bought the wrong work! What can I do? Is it possible to return a work or cancel an order and get my money back?

Google (Android) and Apple (iOS) are responsible for the whole sales process of our app. Please follow the specific steps on their support websites –
Apple (( https://reportaproblem.apple.com/ ), Google ( https://support.google.com/googleplay ) for more details about cancelation, return, and so on.


14. I can't download the work after paying for it. What can I do?

Please check on a steady WLAN connection and if your device is connected to the internet at all. Make sure there is enough free (internal) memory space on your device.


15. It takes a long time to actually open a work. Why is that?

There can be different factors causing long waiting times. Older devices and older Android versions are the mostly the reason for that. We are sorry, but we can not optimize the long waiting times, because carus music is a complex application with high data volume.


16. The music stops and the display is locked. What to do?

carus music was developed as an interactive application. The mp3-player function is not supported. Which means: the display is locked (as set in the device settings) if there is no user interaction. To prevent this from happening, you have to change the time until or at all the display is locked.


17. I got a coupon for carus music. How can I activate this coupon?

Please select the menu (3 bars in the upper left). If you click the second menu bar ("Coupon") you get to a new tab, where you can type in your coupon. If you have pushed the "Activate" button afterwards your coupon is saved and you can return to the carus music library. After choosing your voice (blue bubble upper right) you can download and use your desired work as usual.


18. I get the message "read permission has expired" and can not renew it. What should I do?

This always occurs when a new package of the work has been released. Please download the updated version of the work.
For doing so, please choose your voice (blue bubble in the upper right), then scroll to the desired work or use the search function (three bars in the upper aleft) to get to the work. Then press the UPDATE / LOAD button and download the updated version.