Johann Ernst Bach: Thematic-systematic Catalog of the Musical Works

Johann Ernst Bach

Thematic-systematic Catalog of the Musical Works

Bach-Repertorium, catalog of the works of the Bach family, vol. 6


The surviving output of Johann Ernst Bach (1722-1777) has now been documented for the first time in a scholarly Catalogue of Works. The detailed descriptions of the sources and music incipits, plus information about the history of the work and texts enable all those interested to gain an insight into this composer’s output, which is well worth discovering. Published in collaboration with the Research Project of the Saxon Academy of Sciences in Leipzig, located at the Bach Archive Leipzig.

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Klaus Rettinghaus Personal details


As one would expect from such a prestigious line-up of musicologists and publishers, the book is both packed with immense amounts of information that will undoubtedly contribute to a wider understanding of JEB's output (and facilitate the identification of further works by him!) and a beautiful object in its own right. At around 1cm thick, its modest appearance belie the enormous value of its contents.
Brian Clark, Early Music Review, 24.07.2018