Till Reininghaus: Der Dommusikverein und Mozarteum in Salzburg und die Mozart-Familie

Till Reininghaus

Der Dommusikverein und Mozarteum in Salzburg und die Mozart-Familie

Die Geschichte einer musikalischen Institution in den Jahren 1841 bis 1860 vor dem Hintergrund der Mozart-Pflege und der Sammlung von Mozartiana


This study fills significant gaps in our knowledge of the promotion and study of Mozart in Salzburg in the first half of the 19th century. In producing it, numerous sources have been evaluated in detail for the first time. At its heart stands the history of the Dommusikverein und Mozarteum, the institution for fostering Mozart’s work in the composer’s birthplace, which over the course of the following years established an authoritative status both in Salzburg and further afield. In the research particular emphasis was placed on the relationship between the Verein (Society) and members of the Mozart family, in particular the role of the two Mozart sons in fostering appreciation of Mozart and the development of the Society’s unique collection of Mozartiana. In the process new findings have been presented, including information about questionable provenances of original Mozartiana. With its wide-ranging approach, the study fulfils the demands of a valuable reference work for both specialist scholars and for admirers of Mozart.

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