Wilhelm Friedrich Ernst Bach: Thematic-systematic Catalog of the Musical Works

Wilhelm Friedrich Ernst Bach

Thematic-systematic Catalog of the Musical Works

Bach-Repertorium, catalog of the works of the Bach family, vol. 7


Wilhelm Friedrich Ernst Bach (1759-1845), the grandson of Johann Sebastian Bach, was the last member of the musical dynasty to compose. He worked in London and Minden before moving to Berlin, where he worked as Kapellmeister to the Prussian Queen and music teacher to her and the royal children. His piano works, chamber music, orchestral works, oratorio, cantatas, arias, songs, and stage works are now described for the first time in a Catalogue of Works. With detailed music incipits, extensive descriptions of the sources, and information on editions and the history of the works, his output has been documented and information now made available to musicologists, musicians, and all those interested in his music.

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