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Practice aids for choir singers

Practicing within the context of the complete choral and orchestral texture provides a particular motivation for choral singers. Innovative practice aids from Carus, available as CD (Carus Choir Coach) or app (carus music), offer ideal support and help choral singers to quickly learn new repertoire: they contain first class recordings with the individual voice part amplified, making learning by listening much easier. In addition pieces can be practiced at slower tempo, permitting effective work on complicated passages. carus music, the choir app, also offers a well laid-out music text from Carus vocal scores with a marker feature in the software enabling users to follow the music. With Vocal scores XL we are offering major choral works in reader-friendly large print. Vocal scores XL will help all choral singers who find reading small-sized notes and text strenuous, and will contribute to relaxed singing.

We have marked certain editions in our publishing program with carusplus where Carus offers more than just the music – whether it is innovative practice aids, or Vocal scores XL with reader-friendly large print.
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carus plus

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Mass in C major

In the "Sanctus" of Mozart's "Mass in C major", the sparrows twitter from the eaves in the violin part. And yet, despite its traditional aspects, this mass has several pitfalls for the choir in...


Mendelssohn: St. Paul. Carus Choir Coach

Mendelssohn composed his first oratorio Paulus considerably influenced by Johann Sebastian Bach’s St. Matthew Passion , the revival of which he conducted in 1829. It was probably his most...

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