Johann Adolf Hasse. Selected Works

Edited by the Hasse-Gesellschaft Bergedorf e.V.

As a composer, Johann Adolf Hasse was the uncontested idol of the late Baroque era. On the occasion of his 300th birthday, the Hasse-Gesellschaft Hamburg-Bergedorf began publishing a selection of his works in a critical edition. The Hasse Works Edition (HWA) is intended to serve both as an impeccable text for muicologists and as basis for practical performance.

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Volumes of the Selected Works

Section I: Operas, Intermezzi

  1. Cleofide. Opera seria
  2. Pirano e Tisbe. Intermezzo tragico

Section II: Serenate, Feste teatrali

  1. Marc'Antonio e Cleopatra. Serenata

Section III: Oratorios

Section IV: Sacred Music

  1. Vesper Psalms
  2. Litanies and Tantum ergo
  3. Missa in g

Section V: Secular Cantatas, Vocal Chamber Music

Section VI: Instrumental Music

Johann Adolf Hasse: Marc’Antonio e Cleopatra. Serenata

With this early work, which Hasse composed while a student of Alessandro Scarlatti’s and still heavily under his influence, and which was performed at the country estate of the royal advisor...

full score (complete edition / selected edition)

Missa in g. Hasse-Werkausgabe IV/3

After Johann Adolf Hasse had ended his career as a composer for the opera stage and finally settled down in Venice, he wrote a number of sacred works. Since he had long been obligated to the Saxon...

full score (complete edition / selected edition)

Johann Adolf Hasse: Cleofide

Hasse's Cleofide of 1731 can be regarded as the zenith of his creative output – not least of all because he integrated several of his greatest arias from earlier works into this opera. The...

full score (complete edition / selected edition)