Gottfried August Homilius. Selected Works

In cooperation with the Bach-Archiv Leipzig

Gottfried August Homilius left a large legacy of compositions. The music of the Kantor of the Kreuzkirche in Dresden was very popular during his lifetime and exceptionally widely distributed. Since 2006 Carus has, in collaboration with the Bach-Archiv Leipzig, published the selected works edited by Uwe Wolf.

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Series 1: Oratorio and Passions


Gottfried August Homilius: St. John Passion

The oratorio Passions by Homilius were among the last compositions of their kind in the 18th century. In an oratorio Passion the chorus is restricted mainly to singing the chorales and the...

Homilius: St. Mark Passion

Gottfried August Homilius belongs to the last generation of composers of the 18th century who, in addition to the popular Passion oratorios, continued to write oratorio Passions using biblical...

Series 2: Cantatas


Series 3: Church works without orchestra


Series 4: Instrumental music


Homilius: Complete Choral Preludes

Apart from his 41 chorale arrangements for organ alone, we know of 28 arrangements for organ and melody instrument(s) among Homilius’ works. Most of the works expand the repertoire considerably...

Series 5: Supplements