Oratorios and cantatas by Josef Gabriel Rheinberger

In 1900 Rheinberger could write of some 150 performances of his oratorio Christoforus in Germany and elsewhere - a success story which, unfortunately, ended during the 20th century. Rheinberger clothes the well-known legend of the bearer of the Christ Child, to a libretto by his wife Fanny, in a vivid garment of dramatic dialogue, balladesque narration and gripping descriptions of nature. The Star of Bethlehem is an idyllic and lyrical work, which finely underscores the Christmas story in nine scenes, the joy of Christmas Eve is emphatically communicated.

Josef Gabriel Rheinberger: The Star of Bethlehem

He who seeks a moving and lyrical work with rewarding roles for the choir could do no better than to choose Rheinberger’s Stern von Bethlehem. In nine scenes (Expectation, The shepherds, The...

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