Reger Edition of Work, vol. II/1: Songs I (1889–1899)


Since January 2008, the first scholarly, critical edition of the works of Max Reger (RWA) is being produced at the Max-Reger-Institute, Karlsruhe. Its design as a “hybrid” edition breaks new ground in the methods of editorial practice. It comprises three areas of Reger's compositional output: Organ works, Songs and choral works and, for the first time, Max Reger's ar­rangements of works by other composers.

The first volume in the Songs and Choral Works Series contains, in chronological order, the songs Max Reger composed between 1889 and spring 1899 in Weiden and Wiesbaden. The "youthful songs" WoO VII/1–13, composed by Reger, but without the aim of publication, are published in the Appendix.


An das Leben WoO VII/14
Sechs Lieder op. 4
Fünf Lieder op. 8
Fünf Lieder op. 12
Schlummerlied WoO VII/17
Fünf Duette op. 14
Ich stehe hoch über'm See op. 14b
Zehn Lieder op. 15
Am Meer WoO VII/18
Vier Lieder op. 23
Sechs Gedichte op. 31
Wiegenlied WoO VII/19+20


Jugendlieder WoO VII/1–13

Further vorlumes in preparation:

Songs II · Songs III · Songs IV · Songs V
Songs with orchestral accompaniment
Songs with organ accompaniment / Vocal works for several voices with organ accompaniment
Mixed choruses a cappella I · Mixed choruses a cappella II · Men's choruses / Women's or Children's choruses

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