Joseph Martin Kraus: String quartets


Kraus's dates of birth and death are practically identical with those of Mozart: Both composers were born in 1756 and Kraus died just one year after his great contemporary. Thus, posterity has begun to regard him as the “Odenwald Mozart.” However, that which to some listeners may appear to be “ like Mozart” belonged, for the most part, to the common musical language of the era which Kraus shared with Mozart and with many other composers. In all the essential aspects of his creative output Kraus proves to be a composer of great originality, which is clearly evident in his string quartets. Three of the works on this CD are from the “Six Quatuors Concertants” op. 1, published in 1784 by the Viennese publisher Hummel. These quartets appeared in two separate editions: One edition was printed with the customary French title French, while the other contained a title page printed in Swedish, with a dedication to Kraus’s royal patron and employer, Gutav III. The remaining two quartets on this recording have survived only as autographs. The Salagon Quartet is an ensemble with four experienced and dedicated chamber musicians who have performed throughout the world in the most renowned chamber orchestras and ensembles. Their artistic ideal is based on the transparent, eloquent and richly-colored manner of playing which has developed through the use of instruments appropriate to the historical period and through the careful consideration of historical performance practice over the past few decades.


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[...] Die hier aufgenommenen Streichquartette Joseph Martin Kraus' weisen eine relativ große Bandbreite an Ausdrucksgesten auf, die vom Salagon Quartett liebevoll und mit Spitzigkeit unterstrichen werden. [...]

Tobias Pfleger, 01.10.2006

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